Cubs In Haiku: Another Carlos Loses His Temper

Silva 2011-02-15.jpg

Perhaps you have heard
About today's dugout fight
Here's my reaction

Memo To Silva:
It's spring training you jackass
Get your head on straight

Perhaps you forgot
That you served up two long balls
In that first inning

Sure it's frustrating
But you've got to remember
These games do not count
The Cubs defense continues their terrible spring - as I post this they've committed five errors through seven innings for a spring training total of 14 errors in four games.  Carlos Silva, in the grand tradition of short tempered Cubs pitchers named Carlos, got into it with Aramis Ramirez (who committed one of the first inning errors) and never returned to the game.
The poor defense is frustrating enough.  We really don't need players fighting with each other during practice games.


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  • Aramis Ramirez should have kicked out too. Quade should have decided that we cannot afford players to be hating each other. Although we cannot tell who started it, nor what words were exchanged, they were both involved in the fight so both should be benched for the rest of the game. It is a preseason game anyway,the final outcome doesn't count. Quade should show he is serious from the very beginning and explain he cannot handle the team fighting itself.

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