Ballparks In Haiku: We're Number Three

At Home At Wrigley.JPG

There's no place like home

The Bleacher Report
Has ranked all thirty ballparks
Wrigley's number three
Despite all of its problems (crumbling concrete, narrow concourse, small seats, minimal legroom) I still take great pleasure watching baseball at Wrigley Field each summer.  There's nothing like walking up the stairs from the concourse to the box seat area and seeing the grass and ivy coming into view.  Well ... there might be something even better, but I won't know that feeling until the Cubs get to the World Series for the first time in my life.  
Colin Berglund at The Bleahcer Report puts Wrigley Field just behind Fenway Park in Boston and Target Field in Minneapolis as the third best major league ballpark. 
Baseball's second-oldest stadium, home to the Chicago Cubs since 1916, is still one of its best.  
With its iconic ivy lining the outfield walls and prime location in suburban Wrigleyville, Wrigley Field has been one of the best experiences in baseball for nearly 100 years.
Outside the park, fans can entertain themselves at one of many bars or restaurants.  Despite the capacity limit at Wrigley (just over 40,000, smaller than most modern ballparks), it still was seventh in attendance during the 2010 season. 
The intimate setting and stereotypical bleacher fans make Wrigley Field one of the best ballpark experiences
Wrigley Field has to be my top choice, but I can't disagree too much with that top three.  By the way, The Cell comes in at number 26 because "it is non-descript -- nothing really separates it from any of the stadiums above it, and some fans who have attended games said the field was dirty."  
What's your favorite big league ball park?

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