Speeches In Haiku: What Jeff Santo Should Say At Cooperstown

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When Santo gets in 
Some want to see a boycott
They say it's too late

Of what Ronnie's son can say
To settle the score
On the GenevaPatch website, columnist Kurt Wehrmeister imagines what Ron Santo's son Jeff should say if he gets over the urge to boycott the cerermony when the Cubs third baseman is postumously inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Some choice excerpts:
"There are two reasons, and two reasons only, that I'm standing here this afternoon. One is that my father richly deserved this honor. He deserved it frankly a hell of a lot more than several of the gentlemen who are sitting behind me right now, and more than several more of the guys who are dead and whose plaques are on the wall of the museum down the street behind us."
"And you, Joe Morgan. I love it when you've said, in your arrogant little way, that the current Hall of Famers tend not to vote anyone new in because, 'Well, maybe there was a reason the writers didn't vote them in in the first place.' Interesting that even though you played seven full seasons longer than my Dad, he had 74 more home runs and 198 more RBIs than you. How'd that happen?"
So now, it's finally happened. And Dad's not here to see it. Those of you who voted to keep him out until now, I sure as hell hope you're proud of yourselves.  And those of you who thought he always belonged, well, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
Take a minute to read the entire speech that Wehrmeister has written for Jeff Santo, and imagine how wonderful it would be to hear him read it at Cooperstown next summer.
Then, i you haven't done so already, take a minute to make a $10 donation to JDRF in Santo's honor.  
And finally, if you don't own it already (and especially if you haven't seen it) get yourself a copy of Jeff's wonderful film about his father, "This Old Cub".  Just in case you haven't cried enough already this week.  


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