Legends In Haiku: Ron Santo Dead at 70

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Photo By Al Yellon

Sad news for Cubs fans
Tears are shed in Wrigleyville
A legend has died

Ron Edward Santo
Snubbed by baseball's Hall of Fame
While he was alive

Maybe they'll call now
But it's just a crying shame
He can't enjoy it
When I heard the news this morning, the first thing that crossed my mind was the repeated injustice Ron Santo suffered, being turned down by the Hall of Fame 19 times.  I think most Cubs fans feared that Ron wouldn't live long enough to attend his own induction ceremony. I blame you, Joe Morgan - not just for your role in denying Santo his deserved spot in Cooperstown, but because now I'm thinking about you while mourning the great Number 10.
Ron would have loved to see the Cubs win a World Series, and that made him just like every other Cubs fan. But he wasn't just any Cubs fan.  While he certainly wasn't the greatest radio talent, he was the voice of Cubs fans on the radio. It was always a treat to hear Ron celebrating a great comeback or bemoaning a terrible defeat, even if he missed some of the action in between.   
The greatest Cubs fan
The greatest Cubs third baseman
We will miss you, Ron.  

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