Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 5, Cardinals 1

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It's finally done
Reds win eliminates Cubs
But we beat the Cards!
It's been over for months. But with the Reds win over the Diamondbacks last night, the Cubs are now officially eliminated from the postseason. 
Still, it's always great to beat the Cardinals.  And although the odds are long, the Cardinals  have an outside chance to catch the Reds for the NL Central title. So it was extra sweet to play a bit of a spoiler role Monday night.  
But it seems like the biggest news was the return of Jeff Samardzija for his third career start, and first since last September. 
Samardzija returns
Wins, but not impressively
Still needs a haircut

And Jim Hendry thinks
Jeff will be a good pitcher 
In the major leagues

I have to believe
That's one of the Cubs problems.
Hendry is thinking.

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