Haiku For Lou: A Fan Says Thank You

Lou Waves Goodbye.jpg


It was a surprise

To hear today's big story

Lou's last game today


"I didn't think my career would end this way," Piniella told reporters Sunday. "But my mom needs me home, she hasn't gotten any better. Rather than continue to go home and come back -- it's not fair to the team, it's not fair to the players -- the best thing to do is to step down and go home."


Three winning seasons

And two trips to the playoffs

Fans say, "Thank you, Lou"


Even with the pain

These were some of the best years

I can remember


Lou's the only one

Brought us to post-season twice

Three winning seasons


Only Durocher

Managed more winning seasons

In this Cubs fan's life


So, Adios Lou

Chicago's gonna miss you

Thanks for the good times



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  • Good luck to Sweet Lou...
    "They're not Booin', they're Louin'"
    As Pettit would say

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