Cubs In Haiku: Reds 4, Cubs 3

Castro 8-7-10.jpg

Starlin Castro lies on the ground after being hit by a pitch in the 9th inning. He hurt his shoulder, which he used to prevent the ball from hitting him in the head. (Chicago Tribune photo by Chris Sweda)

Sweet Lou Piniella
Says, "It's hard, it's frustrating"
Yes ... but he's leaving!
Cubs fans share Piniella's frustration, after another game with lackluster offense led to another one-run loss.  But Lou is lucky, he'll be relaxing in Florida next spring while Cubs fans will be facing the prospect of a second stright losing season. Why I have lost hope even for next year?
Jim Hendry believes
No major rebuild needed
For Cubs to succeed.
Yes, boys and girls, the man Tom Ricketts believes can make the Cubs into a contending team, Jim Hendry, said on Friday that what the Cubs need is "not some kind of a major rebuilding job."  How frustrating is THAT?

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