Lou In Haiku: Piniella To Retire

Piniella and Baker.jpg

Here are the last two managers who failed to get the Cubs to the World Series (Tribune photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo)

He seems to be getting bored
This season, his last

To replace Sweet Lou
I'd like to see Ryno, but
He might be too green

There's Joe Girardi
Or Bob Brenly from the booth
Both are good choices

There might be others
But it's all secondary
Here's my suggestion

Let's bring in Sandberg
To replace Jaramillo
Who disappointed 

Then in a few years
When he's got some big league chops
Ryno gets the job

And if dreams come true
Our Hall of Famer leads us 
To the promised land

Ryno tips Hat.jpg

Is this the manager who can bring the Cubs to the World Series? (Tribune photo by Bonnie Trafelet)

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