Cubs In Haiku: Rockies 17, Cubs 2

CHENGDU, CHINA -JUNE 11:  A panda sleeps on a branch at the Panda Breeding Center June, 11, 2008 in Chengdu. Tourism is at an all time low at the Panda center after the devastating earthquake that killed more than 69,000 people almost one month ago, with 17,500 classified as missing. In the Wolong Giant Panda Reserve yesterday workers buried, Mao Mao, a 9 year old panda killed in a landslide during the quake. Mao Mao is the only Panda confirmed dead while another one Xiao Xiao is still missing. Across the region the quake relief efforts are continuing but corruption remains a major concern as many question where the hundreds of millions of dollars of donations are going. (Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

Eleven straight hits
Sets new MLB record
While I was sleeping
I consider myself lucky, since I fell asleep sometime during the seventh inning of Friday night's game against the Rockies.  So while many of you have to live with the memory of every Rockies batter getting a hit after there were two outs in the inning (and Andrew Cashner giving up 6 runs while getting exactly zero outs) for me it's just a story in the news.  Since I didn't see it, can't I just pretend it didn't happen?  But here's something that might happen Saturday ... 
Lilly may be dealt
But Zambrano stays with Cubs
Just doesn't seem fair
I don't want to begrudge Theodore Roosevelt Lilly the chance to pitch for a team that might actually score runs to support his fine performances.  But, particularly in the wake of the awful bullpen meltdown Friday night, it's more than a little annoying that the Cubs are on the verge of trading away one of their best pitchers while bringing back their biggest head case. If Lilly is traded, maybe Zambrano ends up back in the rotation. Because if he's in the bullpen I don't think it goes well.  

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