Cubs in Haiku: Cubs 1, White Sox 0

Ted Lilly 6-13-10.jpg

Ted Lilly leaves the game in the ninth inning. (Chicago Tribune photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo)

How 'bout Ted Lilly?
Takes no-hitter into ninth
Cubs win with one run

Marmol's "home made jam"
Almost gave White Sox a sweep
But he recovered

And then Joe Morgan
Reluctant to name Lilly
Player of the Game
Yes, my friends.  In a new low, even for Joe Morgan, the man Chicago Cubs fans despise said after the game that he was reluctant to agree that Ted Lilly was the player of the game.  Morgan thought that Marmol deserved credit for getting out of the jam in the ninth.  I guess it didn't matter to Joe that Marmol CREATED the jam all by himself.  During the game I tweeted:
Morgan - kiss my ass
Marmol player of the game?
Joe - you're a moron

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