Blackhawks in Haiku: Blackhawks 4, Canucks 2


Kris Versteeg celebrates his game winning goal in the third period. (Chicago Tribune Photo)

Rally in the third
Versteeg gets game winning goal
Off to Vancouver

Stanley Cup Playoffs Semifinals: Blackhawks 1, Canucks 1


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  • I mean you are kidding right. How dare you try and write a haiku when a certain blog has been doing it all year. Get your act together. That was terrible. Hawku's for life

    You bet it's Chet
    - Chet Walters

  • Thanks for the comment
    But if you did some checking
    You would know these facts:

    Our haiku blog launched
    On June 24th last year
    Three months before yours

    A year before that
    We were already blogging
    The Cubs In Haiku

    So, welcome "newbie"
    I'm sure your "adult content"
    Will find certain fans

    But this haiku blog
    Manages to be clever
    Without all that shit

  • Not Chet but don't fret
    This guy can write haikus too
    'Bout to blow your mind

    Taryn, what the fuck?
    Your haikus are no help here
    Give me HAWK 2 CHALK!!!

    Do not be so sad
    Possibly in your next life
    Shovel slut worthy

    You evil woman
    Enjoy all of the HAWKING!
    And all the CHALKING!

    S Lasky

  • I assume my last post was removed for content. That said, I didn't realize that you (Taryn) were a 19-20 year old kid who is doing this while going to school; I commend that. While I cannot follow your blog due to conflicts of interest with HAWK2CHALK!!!, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor. Nothing personal, just the haiku dozens.

    Keep working hard and ignore my username,

    S Lasky

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