The Mood In Haiku: Day Two, Year One A.R.

Multiple lightning bolts over rural landscape

Chicago weather
Reflects the mood of Cubs fans
On Day Two, Year One

Earlier this year the Cubs launched their "Year One" advertising campaign. The message I got was, "Forget the past ... new owners ... the start of something new." 

Year One Banner.png

Yesterday was Day One of Year One A.R.  (Anno Ricketts) and,
to put it mildly, it
didn't go well
.  On day two, the
have come to Chicago. Which brings to mind the eternal
question ...

Is G-d a Cubs fan?
Perhaps the
weather's a clue
G-d's angry, and sad


Sun shining through clouds

The sun's coming out
Hope springs eternal once more
It's only one game

Just take a deep breath
Dempster's pitching tomorrow
The worst is over.

I mean, it must be
It's all uphill from here, right?
Confidence is ... high?

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