Illegal Haiku: Spring Training Warning

I only occasionally write about politics here, and try to find a Cubs connection, however tenuous, when I do.  Since the Cubs  spring training home is in Arizona, I figured there's a sufficient connection for me to post this.


A Mesa police officer checks the papers of a suspected undocumented resident ... or maybe this is a Nazi taking prisoners into custody

New law in AZ
Cops may say, "Your papers, please"
Make sure you're ready

You've probably heard about the new Arizona law which allows cops to
stop anyone they have reason to suspect is in the country illegally and
demand to see their papers.  No, this isn't some cliché from a bad World War II
movie, it's the law in Arizona.  It's not clear what basis the police
might use to determine who is undocumented.  But if you look illegal
(whatever that means) they may ask you to present proof of citizenship
or legal residence and take you into custody if you can't comply to
their satisfaction.

Think that won't happen?
Well, friends, it already has
Just read this story

So, if you're going to spring training next year - unless the law is declared unconstitutional before then - you should probably consider adding a birth certificate or passport to your travel documents.  You might want to make sure you have an original birth certificate, not a computer printed copySome people had a problem believing Barack Obama was born here, so my guess is that Cubs fans (not to mention baseball players from Latin America) won't fare much better in Arizona next spring.

Be safe, not sorry
So when the Nazis police stop you
You'll have what you need

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