Cubs In Haiku: Braves 3, Cubs 2

Woman in wash tub

This pitcher (see the pitcher?) is more useful than most of those in the Cubs bullpen

Great start by Dempster
Marshall strong middle relief
And then came Grabow

Once again, the bullpen (except for Sean Marshall) failed the Cubs. On Monday, Samardjiza's poor performance merely put out of reach a game in which the Cubs had only a marginal chance to catch up.  But today, when a save was on the line, John Grabow gave up a double to Martin Prado and a home run to Chipper Jones, handing the game to Atlanta.  It didn't help that Byrd swung just once and Soto didn't take the bat off his shoulder as Billy Wagner struck out three of the four Cubs he faced (Soriano singled) in the top of the ninth. 

Hopefully, Lou will get things straightened out before @BlackhawksHaiku and I attend the Cubs home opener on Monday. If it's gonna be cold and rainy, we're gonna want a win.

160 games until the playoffs. 

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