Cubs In Haiku: Braves 16, Cubs 5

in Denver

Lou should have been arguing like this in the sixth. 

You can blame the umps
Or you can blame Zambrano
And Jeff Samardzija.

But not Marlon Byrd
And certainly not A-Ram
Nor Fukudome

I'm not quite sure how to react to this opening day loss.  It started out with a bang in the first, as Marlon Byrd got a 3-run home run in his first at bat in Cubbie Blue - a fine welcome to the team.  But then it went downhill.  From Zambrano's failure almost from his first pitch, to a horribly blown call on Byrd's fly to deep center (which Nate McLouth clearly dropped) in the sixth, to Samardzija racking up an ERA (108.00) even higher than Big-Z (54.00), there was very little to make Cubs fans happy today. 

Ramirez hit his own 2-run homer and got the call right on Byrd's dropped fly ball - even if the umps called him out.  Kosuke was in his typical early season form, going 2-for-3 including a double.  Tylermania was almost let loose, but Colvin just popped out.  The bullpen is going to need Tuesday's day off.

Oh, and 20-year-old Atlanta rookie Jason Heyward hit a home run in his first major league at-bat.  I'm actually sort of excited for him, since his home run didn't make any difference in the game.  

But let's stay optimistic, Cubs fans.  As I tweeted during the game ...

It's only one game
Repeat ... It's only one game
It's only one game

161 games to go until the playoffs.

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