Cubs In Haiku: $300 A Game Habit

U.S. 100 dollar note

You'll need three of these to pay for your family trip to see a Cubs game at Wrigley Field

Cubs ticket prices
Are the highest in baseball
More than fifty bucks

Mom, dad and two kids
Will spend 300 dollars
For Wrigley Field trip

Paul Sullivan has the unsurprising news in the Tribune ... 

The Cubs have the highest average ticket price in baseball, according to an analysis by Team Marketing Report, and also had the second-highest ticket increase in 2010.

The average ticket price at Wrigley Field is $52.56, according to TMR, barely edging out Boston ($52.32) and the New York Yankees ($51.83). The White Sox rank fourth at $38.65. The average major-league ticket price is $26.79.

The Cubs also had a 10.1 percent increase over 2009, which trailed only a 45 percent increase by the Minnesota Twins, who are moving into a new ballpark, Target Field.

The average increase in major-league ticket prices over 2009 was 1.7 percent. The Cubs added 12 games in their highest-priced tier, going from 14 to 26 games in "platinum" games.

The Cubs also rank second to Boston in Fan Cost index -- the price of taking a family of four to a game. The FCI for the Cubs is $329.74, an 8.2 percent increase. Boston's FCI is $334.71, a 2.6 percent increase.

Of course, this is all based on face value. Thanks to marketing devices like the Ivy and Marquee level Cubs Club memberships and the premium-priced "pre-sale", many Cubs fans (including yours truly) pay more than face value. Never mind the even higher prices you'll find on MLB's "partner site" Stubhub. 

Like many of Cubs podcasters and bloggers I follow, I don't believe most fans object to paying higher prices if the money is spent to improve the team and bring a World Series to the north side. Still, even just a few games at Wrigley each summer requires a significant line item in the family budget.  Visiting Wrigley Field can be an expensive habit.

How many times will you see the Cubs play at Wrigley?  Did the ticket price increase affect your decision about how many tickets to buy?

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