Passover In Haiku: For All Matzah Eaters


It's not about sports
But I think you might like this
If you eat matzah

Some of you may know about my other haiku blog - The Torah In Haiku. Each week I post a haiku (or two) about the section of the Torah that is read in Jewish synagogues that week. It's possibly an even smaller niche than Chicago sports haiku.  But after almost two years of Torah haiku, and with the encouragement of my family, I've created a unique haggadah for Passover seders.

For a fun seder
The Haggadah
In Haiku
Is just what you need

Save your family
From Pesach
seder boredom
Buy this haggadah!

For example,
here's what you get for the four questions (along with the four
questions in Hebrew and English) ...

This night differs, why?
Matzah, maror,
dip, recline
Keep asking questions

available now in my
"bookstore" at
.  Order soon to make sure you have them
before the first seder on Monday night, Match 29th. 

It's only eight bucks
Deluxe version just
Plus shipping, of course

End of commercial
blogger will now return
To Cubbie baseball

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