The Hawk In Haiku: It's Only A Hat

Andre The Expo @ Wrigley

He won't look like a Cub in the Hall of Fame, but Cubs fans will use their imagination

Now we know Dawson
Will enter Hall as Expo
Some Cubs fans are sad

Disappointed? Sure
Don't you feel that a bit, too?
Be honest - you do. 

But I'm fine with it
The Hall honors the players
Not the hats they wore

The Tribune reports that Dawson informed them by text message:

After attending the annual B.A.T. banquet in New York Tuesday night, Dawson sent the following text to The Tribune: 

"Hall will issue a press release (Wednesday) announcing that I will go in as an Expo."

Many Cubs fans are disappointed, and I suspect The Hawk is, too:

Dawson had made it clear earlier this month to the Tribune
that he preferred going into the Hall of Fame on July 25 in Cooperstown,
N.Y., as a Cub.

"I will probably have a preference, but again I will respect their
decision," he said then. "I feel that (the decision) is probably going
to be based on the history of the game.  (The Hall of Fame officials)
made it obvious when they sent the letters out to us before the
announcement...and I respect that."

Dawson will join catcher Gary Carter as the only members wearing Expos
hats on their plaques.

I think that last line captures some of what led to the decision by Hall
of Fame officials.  Notwithstanding my last haiku above, the Hall also
honors the history of the game.  A Cubs hat will rest on the heads of
many future Hall of Famers.  Dawson is almost certainly the last to
enter as a member of the Expos. 

So, to Andre Dawson, I say ...

On an honor well deserved
Any cap looks good

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