Spring Training Haiku: Cubs To Stay In Mesa

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Good news for Cubs fans
Spring Training stays in Mesa
Once the town says, "Yes!"

David Kaplan has posted on Twitter that the Cubs have chosen Mesa AZ over Naples FL subject to approval of the deal by the Mesa City Council. 

Arizona rocks
When it comes to spring baseball
New ballpark each day!

As I've mentioned before, I think the Phoenix area is a great place for the fans to see spring training baseball and I was hoping the Cubs would decide to stay.  Lots of teams in close proximity surrounding one of the fastest growing cities in the country. The ballparks are no close to each other it's possible to spend a week in Phoenix and see baseball in a different ballpark each day without driving for more than 20 or 30 minutes.  

But I am surprised
That they made this decision
Based on recent news

The news has been full of reports that the Cubs were ready to go to Naples.  The fact that the Ricketts didn't make a spring training announcement at the Cubs Convention left many believing that they had decided on Florida and didn't want to upset fans who prefer Mesa.  When I visited a booth the HoHoKams had in the exhibit hall they seemed a bit downhearted.  When I said, "stay optimistic" the response was "we're trying".  It sounded pretty grim to me.  
So keep the time-share
'Cause you're going to Mesa
Each year in the spring

If Kaplan is correct (and, of course, there's no reason to believe he isn't) then Cubs fans with time-shares in the Mesa area need not worry.  The Tribune has the story on their Breaking Sports News site, which I'm sure will be updated as more information becomes available.  Still unanswered are questions about whether HoHoKam can be renovated and expanded to the team's liking or if there will be a new facility built in the next few years.  

Those are just details
Wherever the Cubs play ball
Cubs fans will find them.

The Tribune has the story on their Breaking Sports News site, which should be updated as details become available.  One more thing ...

Twenty-seven days.
Until we will hear, "Play Ball!"
I can't wait, can you?

Pitchers and catchers report February 17th, position players just 5 days later.

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  • Here's the dirty secret:

    Bud Selig advised (mandated) that the Ricketts family should keep the Cubs in Mesa, AZ. This is why they did a 180 before the convention.

    Why would he do this? Arizona is broke, the Cubs will soon be portrayed as greed incarnate for taking the last dollars from an insolvent state to build a world class facility. Also, rival teams in the Cactus League will be forced to pay a ticket surcharge for all Cactus League games to build a stadium for the Cubs. Kansas City, San Diego and Cleveland are being forced to build a 15,000 seat stadium for a major market team with a $134MM payroll. Unbelievable.

    Bud Selig hammered the Ricketts family into a no-win situation.

    Now that the State of AZ, Phoenix tourists, and the Cactus League will be tapped out, how will the Cactus League retain the next team who demands a state of the art training complex?

    Ironically, the Milwaukee Brewers are that team, which is owned by Selig. His lease in Maryvale, AZ expires in 2012.

    The Brewers have been reaching out to Naples for over 3 months now.

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