Cubs Con In Haiku: Day 2

Saturday started
With Hall of Fame autograph
From Andre Dawson

Convention vets know that everyone gets a scratch off ticket for a chance to win an autograph from the most popular Cubs.  We were lucky enough to win an Andre Dawson autograph. It meant missing the "Meet The Owners" session, but I think it was worth it. 

You want autographs
And avoid the longest lines?
Try the photo stage

But there's a catch - you pay $15 for a "professional" photo of you
with the player, and he signs a folder they provide for the pic. So if
you want a signature on a bat, ball or picture, this isn't for you. 
And if don't want the autograph you can save some money and have them
take a picture with your camera. For some fans, a picture with their
favorite player is the next best thing to an autograph - for some, even
better. Check out the photo gallery to see how excited Taryn was to
meet Hoffpauir, Soto, Wells and Banks in less time than it would have
taken to get one "big name" autograph. 

(There's more after the gallery)

"Meet Cubs Management"
One of the morning sessions
Was informative

Lou said that Soto
After losing forty pounds
Looks like a jockey

It sounds like Sam Fuld
Will be Marlon Byrd's backup
Playing center field

That's what Lou said. Byrd will be the regular center fielder with Fuld ready to step in and run into some walls. Hendry was asked about DeRosa and said he likes the pitching prospects we got for him. He doesn't think 2nd base was the best place for D'Ro as a starter and pointed out that he played other positions for the Indians and Cards.  

Kosuke will bat first
Or maybe in the two hole
Lou isn't quite sure

Piniella was asked point blank whether he would commit to having Fukudome batting leadoff but would only say he'll bat first or second with Theriot batting second or first.  

A fan asked about
Whether Piniella would want
To have a DH

The answer? No way
The National League is fine
Just the way it is

Someone asked Hendry
What happened with Kevin Gregg
Last year's failed closer

Lou actually answered this question and said that Marmol needed time as a setup man before he was ready to step into the closer role.  He said in some ways closer is an easier job - you generally come in to start the ninth with nobody on base and your team in the lead.  What about the rest of the staff?

Lou is satisfied
With "nice little pitching staff"
Cubs don't need starters

"Think You Know These Guys?"
Was much more entertaining
We learned a few things

This Q&A session was a bit less serious, with Dempster, Fuld, Hoffpauir and Theriot taking questions from fans. @TweetsByDina joined me for this session and provided her own perspective via Twitter. Check out her feed for more.  

Sam Fuld doesn't think
Hundred years is a long time
He's not from 'round here

Ryan Dempster said
He would work with butterflies
If not for baseball

A young fan asked what the guys would do if they weren't playing baseball. Dempster said he would work in a butterfly exhibit because you can't have a bad day with butterflies. Sam Fuld would deliver flowers because everyone's happy when they get flowers.  Berg would be an architect because ... actually, I don't know why.  

Theriot would love
To spend his entire career
Wearing Cubbie blue

Something else we learned:
Dempster knows the words to the
Spongebob Squarepants theme

This came out while he was explaining a prank he played on another player, replacing his clothes with a Spongebob costume.  Ryan's Harry Caray impersonation was also great, and he was asked what hitters he most fears facing ...  

Dempster fears no man
The most fun he has all year
Is facing Pujols

I didn't attend
The Kids Only Press Conf'rence
But I read some tweets

As @ataccini found out, big people can attend the Kids Only Press Conference, they just can't talk. Thanks to her tweets I learned about some great questions. She complained noted last night at the LOHO Tweetup that I didn't follow her on Twitter. I've corrected that mistake - you should follow her, too.  

Kid asks Marlon Byrd
Are you gonna play better
Than Milton Bradley?

Hey Sam, did it hurt
When you ran into the wall?
Fuld responds, "Which time?"

Some shopping, dinner and the Ravens-Colts game rounded out an exciting Saturday at Cubs Con. It will all be over by noon tomorrow, and we'll have just a month to wait until spring training starts.  That thought brings warmth to the hearts of those who bleed Cubbie blue.

At this time of year
Cubs fans' attitudes prove that
Hope springs eternal

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