Convention Haiku: Time For Optimism

Tribune Company Reaches Deal To Sell Chicago Cubs And Wrigley Field

Spring is almost here
How do I know this is true?
It's Convention Time!

Hope to see you there
I'll be the person wearing
A Cubs baseball cap

So ... that should make it easy, right?   I'll be spending some time at the League of Her Own tweetup on Friday night and with the guys from Cubscast at their Listener Meetup on Saturday afternoon.   You'll meet lots of great people if you stop by those events. 

It's fun to spend the weekend with thousands of die-hard Cubs fans, meet players coaches and management and spend way too much money on Cubs merchandise.  But one of the most exciting things about Convention time rolling around is that we know spring training is right around the corner.

Pitchers and catchers
Will report for spring training
In thirty-three days

Hope springs eternal
For Cubs fans this time of year
Optimistic?  Sure.

Unjustified optimism?  Probably.  But there wouldn't be many Cubs fan without it.  Honestly, the moves the team made this off season don't inspire too much confidence.  But remember this - if the standings were printed in the Tribune today, the Cubs would be sitting on top of the National League Central Division. 

I'll be posting a few updates from the Convention this weekend.  You can also follow @TheCubsInHaiku on Twitter for more frequent updates.   My daughter, who is our Blackhawks haiku blogger, will be at the Convention with me and possibly tweeting her own updates.  Follow @BlackhawksHaiku for her perspective. 

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