The Hawk In Haiku: Prepare For #Dawson4TheHall Day


Take a little time
Get ready to help The Hawk
Make the Hall of Fame

A reminder to all Cubs fans - Tuesday is #Dawson4TheHall Day.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out my post from last week.

You can prepare for the big event by adding a Twibbon to your Twitter profile photo, modifying your Twitter page background or grabbing some graphics for your website or blog.  Links to all of these can be found at Cubscast.

Then, starting at 1:20pm tomorrow add the #Dawson4TheHall hashtag to your tweets. The goal is to draw attention to The Hawk's bid for the Hall and make #Dawson4TheHall a trending topic. Adding #Cubs or #mlb hashtags is also recommended. 

Original tweets - especially clever ones - are great.  But even if you just watch for the #Dawson4TheHall hashtag and retweet what others people have posted it will help. 

Thanks for Lou and Sheps at Cubscast for coming up with this idea, and thanks in advance to everyone who participates in tomorrow's #Dawson4TheHall hashtag blitz. 


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  • Hey Ed, thanks for mentioning this! We're gearing up today, readying some Dawson haikus along with some stats tweets and Hawk quote tweets. It should be a lot of fun.

    Also for what it's worth, "twibbon" is not a term I thought I'd ever know the meaning of.


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