Ho Ho Haiku: All I Want From Santa

Santa Impersonators Thrive In Suburban Sydney

To all the Cubs fans
Who celebrate tomorrow
A Merry Christmas

Like Adam Sandler
I'm a menorah lighter
But I've got wishes

So I'll ask Santa
And hope that he grants wishes
To nice Jewish boys

Make sure Fonzi's knees
Will last him a few seasons
He's so expensive

I'm glad Bradley's gone
But not so thrilled with Silva
Can we have Reed back?

Just get Jim Hendry
To do something - ANYTHING!
To improve our team

Oh, and one last thing
Please make sure spring training stays
In Mesa, AZ

That's not much, is it?
Cubs fans are a patient bunch
Make us smile this spring
Help us smile next fall

If you're wondering
What I'm doing tomorrow
Listen to this song:



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