Hashtags In Haiku: Today Is #Dawson4TheHall Day

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Today is the day
Support The Hawk on Twitter
Game time - 1:20

Are you ready to give Andre Dawson's bid for the Hall of Fame a boost by helping us to make #Dawson4TheHall a trending topic on Twitter? 

As I've reported earlier, the guys at Cubscast are sponsoring this event to get the attention of sports writers who will vote on who gets inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  You know that Andre deserves it, so take some time out of your busy day to help make it happen.

At 1:20pm today, start tweeting with the #Dawson4TheHall hashtag (use #Cubs and #mlb, too) so that we can make it a trending topic on Twitter and get the attention of the baseball world. 

Check out my previous posts and Cubscast for more details.


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