Oprah In Haiku: The Palin Effect?

2009 AFI Film Festival Premiere of Precious

This might be what Oprah looked liked after interviewing Sarah Palin

Just coincidence?
Oprah to announce show's end
Four days post-Palin.

Politics is sport, right?  But even if it's got nothing to do with sports, I just couldn't resist a haiku or two about a couple of my least favorite female celebrities, both of whom made news this week. 

On Monday, as she began her "book" tour, ex-Governor Sarah Palin's visit with Oprah hit the airwaves. The appearance by the woman Jon Stewart calls a "conservative boilerplate Mad Lib" and "talking-point machine" gave Oprah her highest rating in two years

My guess is that this so embarrassed Winfrey, she spent a few days reflecting and then realized it was time to pack it in.  Maybe she figures that staying on the air for one more year will help her regain some measure of self-respect.

Still, I've got one more question ...

What Chicago street
Will Oprah want to shut down
When she says good-bye?

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