Hall of Fame In Haiku: Andre Dawson


This man deserves to be in the Hall of Fame (Chicago Tribune photo)

Andre Dawson is
On the Hall of Fame ballot
Once again this year

It's time for Cubs fans
To help The Hawk make it in
Here's what you can do

Get ready for #Dawson4TheHall Day
Lou and Sheps at Cubscast are organizing #Dawson4TheHall day on Twitter, which will be next Tuesday, December 8th.  They're hoping to get the attention of the HOF by making #Dawson4TheHall a trending topic.  Be sure to listen to their latest podcast episode, which includes a discussion of Dawson's chances.  More details will be forthcoming (and I'll post them here) but you can get some information now at their website.  

Sign the petition
There's an online petition entitled "Get Andre Dawson In The Hall". Whether these things have any impact is debatable, but as I write this post there are just over 100 signatures on the petition. Show your support for The Hawk by signing the petition today.

Read the blog
Die-hard Cubs fan Charley started his "Hawk4TheHall" blog nine months ago, and provides weekly updates with "reasons and statistics on why this baseball superstar" should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  I haven't had time to take it all in yet, but it's a great summary of Dawson's hall of fame worthy career. 

I'll post a reminder next week as #Dawson4TheHall Day approaches and the guys as Cubscast provide more details about their planned "hashtag blitz". 

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  • I love your post what you did to support Andre Dawson for the Hall of Fame! I was wondering if you could do the same and support a petition for Ron Santo for the Hall of Fame. www.petitiononline.com/Ron4HALL (online petition) www.ronsanto4hof.blogspot.com (blog). Ron Santo is on the upcoming ballot for the 2011 Hall of Fame induction. The petition will be submitted to Cooperstown prior to the Veterans Committee vote in Dec. 2010. The National Baseball Hall of Fame will forward the petition on to all members of the Veterans Committee. Chicago Now's support on posting the petition link will help get vital signatures.

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