Cubs In Haiku: Ricketts At Wrigley - 1962?


It looks like Ricketts
Was giving the Cubs money
Back in '62

It's not the same "Ricketts", and I'm not sure if the money for this rooftop ad went to the Cubs, but I found the interesting image above while looking for "Ricketts" photos on the Trib's website.

But is that the year?
Blogger Al Yellon thinks not
At Bleed Cubbie Blue

Early in my search for more info about Ricketts on Clark, I found this entry at Bleed Cubbie Blue.  Al Yellon has some stuff about the Ricketts restaurant and some fantastic historical photos of Wrigley Field.  He also uses those photos to question the Tribune's 1962 dating of the photo above.  Be sure you click  through to his blog to read - and see - it all.   

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