Tweetup In Haiku: What I Learned

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(L to R) @fatheaddesign, @tonyafathead, @CubsMagicNumber, @TweetsByDina, @onetwittedcubs, @TheCubsInHaiku, @Adambuckled, and @Geisha93 having a great time at Superdawg

We gathered Sunday
To meet other #Cubs tweeters
Great time had by all

Matching real faces
To cryptic Twitter screen names
Talking Cubs and more

Here are some things I learned at the tweetup ...

The @Superdawg people were wonderful hosts, reserving a couple of tables for us and providing some appetizers and soft drinks. I had forgotten about their delicious Superonionchips.  Thanks Laura and Ben!

@TweetsByDina throws a great tweetup, and has two adorable kids - one of whom is a "fan" of one of my company's products, which is kinda weird (we make 3-ring binders, among other things).  I was surprised to learn that her family attends church less than a half mile from my house.

@Adambuckled is surprisingly spiritual and incredibly humble. I think his wife knows just how wonderful - and wonderfully creative - he really is.  Plus he spent time on the phone explaining to his mother (or mother-in-law?) how to use the remote control to watch a DVD.  I'd never have the patience for that, even if she was babysitting the kids.  

@fatheaddesign and @tonyafathead, whose heads are not exceedingly large, had their company name stolen by those other fat heads who make the giant wall thingys.  But they're too nice to file a lawsuit.  They also have two kids who know how to have fun when the adults are talking about the Cubs, haiku, and weird twitter stuff.  

@ggci fits big words into little haiku tweets.  He's indefatigable ... and quite dapper.  But he missed the group shot, so here he is, standing between Adam (L) and me (R):


@geisha93 plays hockey - I obviously hadn't been careful enough while reading her tweets and profile, because I thought it was her kids who played.  

@onetwittedcubs has the world's worst Twitter client on his phone, and he's proud of it! You've gotta respect a guy like that, he tells it like it is.

@CubsMagicNumber is a girl - a tall girl!  Of course, everyone seems tall to me. I don't know why I assumed it was a guy's Twitter account - just sexism, I'm embarassed to say.  In my defense, her avatar, like mine, doesn't reveal gender.

The "after the tweetup ended" talk with @CubsMagicNumber, @Adambucked, Adam's wife and her sister taught me that it doesn't matter what you believe, as long as you believe in the #Cubs.  Sorry if I kept you Hoosiers out too late, I forgot you had a long ride home.  

We're going to do this again - maybe at a Cubs game next season or at the Cubs convention in January.  So watch your tweets. 

Dina posted a few more pictures here.

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  • Ed, you're too kind! I have to say, it was a pleasure to meet you and confirm that you are every bit as bright, genuine, and delightful as you appear online. It was a treat getting to talk to you. Thanks for helping make it fun and meaningful. Great review of the personalities, too.

  • @Superdawg Super Laura and Super Ben made us feel like family. Their hospitality warmed us on a chilly October night!

    @Adambuckled, what can I say? I think acted like the school nerd meeting the cool kid for the first time. Sorry! I'm a big fan of your word craft, your taste in movies and your sense of humor and I would have loved to talk more! (At the next one!)

    @fatheaddesign and @tonyafathead are ridiculously good looking! I am so glad our kids had each other to hang with and share jackets while we all geeked on sports, fried foods and Twitter friends.

    @ggci As warm and friendly as I'd hoped, funny and an inspiration, easy to talk to and just a really good guy.

    @geisha93 Adorable and photogenic, despite not really wanting her picture taken. Her enthusiasm for hockey is contagious!

    @onetwittedcubs Completely without pretense or nonsense! Says what he means and means what he says. And quite a database of Cubs factoids at the ready!

    @CubsMagicNumber I've got to love a fellow girl Cubs tweeter. Especially one who will travel so far to meet her "followers". I can't wait to interact more as we count down to Pitchers and Catchers!

    And last in my comment, but first in my heart, @TheCubsInHaiku. I may have pulled this shindig together but you were the inspiration. It was a true delight to finally meet you, my haiku mentor. We'll have to meet for coffee when I'm in your 'hood!

  • In reply to TweetsByDina:

    Often without sense-sense too. You should see me at a Cubs game. I had my section rolling at a game vs. Mets.

  • In reply to TweetsByDina:

    Ed, I assumed you were / a woman for the longest / time so we're even!

    Preconcieved notions / can run both ways when we're masked / behind an icon.

  • In reply to lunaris1013:

    My feminine side
    Revealed in my poetry?
    Perhaps that was it

    Don't make assumptions
    Is the lesson that I learned
    Glad that you joined us

  • In reply to TweetsByDina:

    Oh my stars! I meant to say that *I* acted like a big ol' nerd, not Adam! Zoinks!

  • For the record CIH - I tell it like I see it which is not always like it is - much as I hate to admit it :)

    Great fun meeting everyone and putting faces to tweets. Tho it might be harder now to mutter about you all under my breath now...:D

    Oh and BTW: CIH -

    I know you tried hard /
    I really love the caption
    But my name is wrong

  • In reply to mgbmusic:

    Sorry about that
    It should be all better now
    Can you forgive me?


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