StubHub In Haiku: A Cruel Joke On Cubs Fans?

What the hell StubHub
Cubs fans aren't depressed enough
So now you send this?

Here is an email I received this afternoon from StubHub.  The "Check it out" link points to the StubHub page to purchase LCS and WS tickets. 


I thought it might be a practical joke from a friend, but the domain is registered to StubHub.  And the address matches other email I've received from StubHub, which also referred to "your Chicago Cubs" - presumably because I requested info on Cubs tickets in the past.

Did anyone else receive a similar email?

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  • Wow . . . so how much they charging for this ticket? I'd be willing to put down quite a lot if they can make Cub playoff games appear out of thin air!

  • In reply to AndCounting:

    Cubs post season tix?
    We all know how much they're worth
    That would be ... priceless

  • In reply to AndCounting:

    Got one of these to watch the White Sox chase baseball immortality as well. Wonder if Washington Nationals fans got their offer too.

  • In reply to CraigParshall:

    Careless programming
    Has now embarrassed StubHub
    Who could be so dumb?

    Is it possible
    That they just hate Chicago?
    I tend to doubt that

  • In reply to CraigParshall:

    An update ...

    StubHub now admits
    That "due to an email glitch"
    Lots of fans got this

    Of course, as a Google search will reveal, Chicago Sports In Haiku posted something about this story an hour before the Associated Press.

    Just saying ...


  • In reply to CraigParshall:

    I got this email too . . . followed by the "so sorry" follow up. Thoughts it was sort of funny actually.

  • In reply to caitlingiles:

    I agree ... it was pretty funny. When I saw the email, the oft-maligned Cubs fan in me thought it could be a practical joke by someone at StubHub. Then I heard that the same email went to fans of other teams, and StubHub blamed an "email glitch".

    I'm not quite sure what's more embarrassing for StubHub - a rogue employee playing a joke on fans of a particular team, or careless marketing people failing to set up proper filters for a mass email.

    BTW ... I'm still waiting for a "so sorry" followup email from StubHub.

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