Hitting Coaches In Haiku: Cubs Sign Jaramillo

Rudy Jaramillo

Wake up Rudy!  You're moving to Chicago.

Coach Jaramillo
Will become the highest paid
In all of baseball

ESPNChicago.com reports the news:

The Cubs will announce Wednesday that former Texas Rangers hitting instructor Rudy Jaramillo has signed a three-year, $2.42 million contract to become Chicago's next hitting coach ... Jaramillo spent the last 15 years with Texas and has had 17 players win Silver Slugger awards under his guidance. The new Cubs' hitting coach resurrected the careers of slugger Sammy Sosa, Mark DeRosa and Gary Matthews, Jr. to name just a few of the hundreds of hitters he has impacted in his tenure in Texas.

What do the players think?

Alfonso likes him:
"He speaks Spanish ... he works hard"
"Very good and smart"

Here's what Gordon Wittenmyer says in the Sun Times:

''That's going to be good news,'' said Alfonso Soriano, who averaged 32
home runs and 98 RBI with Jaramillo and the Rangers in 2004 and '05.
''We had very good communication because he speaks Spanish. He's very
good and smart. He works very hard, too.''

But I'm concerned about another Cubs outfielder who used to play for Jaramillo.

Does this mean Bradley
Will be staying with the Cubs
In two thousand ten?

As Tab Bamford writes on Bleacher Report:

the Cubs' interest in Jaramillo be directly tied to their inability to
unload disgruntled outfielder Milton Bradley? And, if Jaramillo does
indeed come to Chicago, does that mean Bradley stays?

had by far his best season in Major League Baseball under the watchful
eyes of Jaramillo in Arlington in 2008, when he set personal highs in
nearly every category. Based on that one season, Cubs GM Jim Hendry
foolishly awarded Bradley with a three-year contract.

the Cubs are having problems dealing Bradley to another team, perhaps
getting a good season under his belt will increase his value.  But I'd prefer to see Milton go sooner rather than later, so this new wrinkle has me worried a bit. 

Now let's hope the Cubs
Hire some new on-field talent
In the off-season

exciting as the hiring of a new hitting coach might be ... (yawn) ...
let's hope that the Cubs make some meaningful on-field moves this
winter.  If they don't, there might be lots of boos at the Cubs Convention in January.  If Milton Bradley is still with the team in January, I would suggest he not show up.  

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