Cubs In Haiku: Ricketts Makes His First Mistake


Meet The Rickettses (Chicago Tribune Photo)

The Cubbies' new boss
Has confidence in Hendry
That's what worries me

According to a story in the Chicago Tribune:

General manager Jim Hendry, whose contract runs through 2012, has earned the chance to lead the team into next season, Ricketts said.

How has he earned that?
By trading Mark DeRosa
And signing Bradley?

Could Mr. Ricketts
Be a fan of Aaron Miles?
That might explain it

Cubs fans have tried to explain, justify or simply rationalize the moves that Jim Hendry made after the 2008 season.  But unless you want to use the injury excuse, there
is little doubt that the Cubs were a worse team in 2009 as a direct result of the mistakes Hendry made last winter.  For this, our new owner says the GM has "earned the chance to lead the team"?  That does not make me happy.


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  • I think Hendry's track record over the last few years (3 post-season berths) has earned him the right. I'm NOT saying I agree....

  • In reply to mgbmusic:

    I think most Cubs fans
    Believe Hendry's winter moves
    Cost us the title

    I agree that the last three years have been fun. But Cubs fans have short memories (it's one way to avoid total depression) so what happened this season is foremost in our minds - and 2003 is ancient history.

    Hindsight is always 20/20, and injuries were a factor this year - plus the Cards were tough, until the playoffs. But I still believe things would have been a lot tighter at the top of the Central Division if Mark DeRosa was still a Cub and Milton Bradley was not.

    Reversing those two deals wouldn't fix everything, but I think they made a big difference - and Hendry is responsible for both of them.

  • I think the first thing Ricketts should do is get rid of the beer league blue jerseys and then get the players names off the jerseys. Did you notice how classy the Yankees always look and if you are really America's team the fans will know who the players are without a name on their back.

  • In reply to duskyducks:

    I hate the Yankees
    So that argument will not
    Convince me you're right

    That said ... I'm not a big fan of the blue jerseys either. But Zambrano seems to like them, so I say let the team wear them if it helps him to pitch better.

    In any case, this change would have about as much impact on our chances of reaching the post-season as will the nicer toilet facilities that the new boss has promised.

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