Futility In Haiku: Cubs vs. Pirates

Pirates set record
With 17 straight seasons
Below .500

Do you think that's worse
Than 100+ seasons
Since World Series win?

Ironic, isn't it, that the Cubs - the team so many hold out as the ultimate example of futility - are the ones to hand Pittsburgh the loss that sets their own record for futility?   The Pirates are the first North American professional sports team to suffer 17 straight losing seasons.

Of course, the Cubs have gone more than a century without winning the World Series.  Which leads to today's question.  Vote below, and take a minute to explain your choice in the comments. 

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  • Not sure Cubs are worse
    I just care more about them
    So they hurt me more

  • Cubs beat the Pirates
    But the evil Redbirds win.
    Maybe next year, guys.

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