First Cubs Game In Haiku: 98 Year Old Rino Stefani

Rino Stefani
Ninety-eight year old Cubs fan
Attends his first game

There's a great story in today's Daily Herald about Rino Stefani.  He must be the oldest Cubs fan who, until yesterday, had never been to Wrigley Field.

How old is Rino?

Die-Hard Cubs fan Rino Stefani is so old that when he was born, his mom was fretting about how it had been two whole years since her beloved Cubs last won a World Series.

How did he like his first visit to Wrigley?

"It's amazing," the 98-year-old Stefani says Friday afternoon as he finds his way to his seat behind home plate at the ballpark nearly as old as he. "This is the first game I've been at. I can't believe it."

He removes his glasses and wipes tears from his eyes as he motions with his left hand at Wrigley's green grass, the sun-kissed ivy and the throngs of fans. He asks how many people are jammed into the park and the rooftops.

"Forty-one thousand people?" Stefani says in amazement. "That's a state."

And Stefani seems to be good luck for the Cubs

On the day Stefani was born, the Cubs beat the Cincinnati Reds 3-0. In his first visit to Wrigley, the Cubs beat the Reds 6-4.

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