Apologies In Haiku: Here's How To Do It, Milt

Brenda Lee knows how to say she's sorry, Milton Bradley does not.

Milt says, "I'm sorry"
He thinks that makes it ok?
It's just not enough

So, Milton Bradley has apologized - sort of.  A day after his mother defended him by finding some new people to blame, Bradley issued a statement expressing his regret and claiming that "the air has been cleared".   It hasn't.

Jimmy Greenfield does a good job of dissecting the "standard public relations drivel" that Bradley issued today.  But I'd like to make a suggestion for how Bradley can really show Cubs fans and management that he regrets "certain things" that he should have "handled differently"

Tear up your contract
That would show some true remorse
We don't want you here

That's right.  Don't take any more money from the Cubs.  Other than being booed in the ballpark and asked questions by reporters doing their job, Bradley hasn't really paid any penalty for his behavior.  I'm assuming this is a paid suspension because Bradley has decided not to file a grievance.  Given his refusal to accept a 2-day suspension earlier in the year for bumping visors with an umpire even when he was injured, I am doubtful he would so easily accept a 2-week unpaid vacation. 

So show us you're really sorry, Milt.  You didn't hold up your end of the deal, so we shouldn't have to either.  Release the Cubs from their obligation to pay you another $20 million dollars and then we can all "look forward to better days"

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