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Top ten haiku tweets
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It's been amazing to see so many haiku tweets about the Cubs, and I really appreciate the effort of so many to participate.  To recognize the clever contributions of Cubs haiku tweeters, here is a "Top Ten #Cubs Tweets"  list - in no particular order.

A particularly prolific haiku tweeter, @MrFastbucks wrote more haiku than any other tweeter I noticed.  Here are a couple of his best, both from Monday night.

Frenchy whiffs the squeeze
That hissing sound you hear is
Forty thousand sighs 

An hour of boredom
Is shattered with a long drive
First place is secured  

The Cubs offensive seemed to be coming around, with 12 runs both Wednesday and Thursday.  This inspired two haiku tweeters:

Gotta love parades
Especially when it's hits
Cubs leading 8-3


The Chicago Cubs
Win Double Dozen Award
Astros give up runs.


On Wednesday, the Cubs were scoring runs so fast that one tweeter was confused. but was rescued by another:

I love Cubs baseball
Even more when up seven
This early in game


If I'm gonna write
I should at least try to get
The right freaking score


I love Cubs baseball
Even more when we're up NINE
This early in game


Tuesday's loss was frustrating, with the Cubs coming back to tie the game at 6-6 in the 5th before ultimately losing 11-6.  One tweeter expressed emotions shared by many Cubs fans:

The Chicago Cubs
Make me scream at my TV
Happy or angry


The consensus after the Grabow/Gorzellany for Hart/Ascanio trade was that the Bucs were decimated:

The Pirates motto
"Going out of business sale
Since 1990"


The Cubs were already leading 9-3 on Thursday, but one haiku tweeter was still concerned about Carlos Lee:

A pessimist? No
Not even a realist
But I fear Carlos.


Finally, with apologies to anyone I missed, thanks to the following tweeters who have tweeted haiku that were not included here:


Thanks to everyone, and keep on tweeting in haiku (or in prose) or post your comments here.  

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