Surrender In Haiku: Johnny Macchione Turns Himself In

Close up of a white flag against blue sky

In less than a day
Beer tosser is shamed into
Turning himself in

The Cubs fan believed to have thrown a beer
on a Philadelphia Phillies outfielder during Wednesday's game turned
himself in to Chicago police detectives today following a daylong
search for the so-called beer tosser.

Macchione of Bartlett had his face splashed all over the Internet and
television today after the Cubs announced they had ejected the wrong
man for the incident and were searching for the real culprit.

Cubs and Phillies outfield Shane Victorino filed a formal complaint
with the Chicago police following the incident. The 21-year-old
Macchione, a college student, contacted police shortly after the
announcement and said he wanted to come in to talk about the alleged

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