Poor Millionaires In Haiku: Just Say Goodbye, Milt


Why don't you just fly away, Milt? (Chicago Tribune photo)

Paul Sullivan reports on our overpaid right fielder's latest rant ...

Milton Bradley said after Tuesday's loss he's "never" comfortable playing at Wrigley Field. "It's hard to be comfortable when you don't get a hit and get booed every time," he said.

Poor Milton Bradley
You're "not comfortable" here?
Why don't you just leave?

Bradley went 4-for-4 with a home run in the 15-6 loss

We really won't care
You don't get hot 'til August
Too little too late

"When I go home and look in the mirror, I like what I see. My family is there I have people I can talk to who are very supportive, in spite of everything and all the adversity and the hatred you face on a daily basis. But I'll be alright. I always have."

Sure you'll be alright
Ten million dollars a year?
I'd be alright, too

"I have no doubt in the guys we've got in here," he said. "It's solid, good nucleus... If everyone can just keep all the distractions and everything that comes with playing here and being a Cub out, and just focus on what you can do and what you can control, we'll be fine."

The Cubs will be fine?
Nine games behind in August
Is nowhere near "fine"

Here's my suggestion
Tell the Cubs that you're sorry
Tear up the contract

Then you can go home
Your family still loves you
Cubs fans never will

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  • "Cubs fans NEVER will"?
    Never is a long, long time
    Winning changes minds

  • In reply to DanNickow:

    The Cubs won tonight
    And Bradley hit a home run
    I still don't like him

    He can't shut his mouth
    And when the fans cheered tonight
    He just turned his back

    Literally ... we were sitting in the upper boxes near right field. After the home run the fans in the right field bleacher were leaning over and cheering for Bradley. He just continued to play catch with Kosuke and ignored them. One tweeter watching on TV said that on his way to the dugout after the home run he made mocking hand signals (nothing obscene) toward the fans.

    It's true, my brother
    Milton Bradley will never
    Be loved by Cubs fans

  • In reply to DanNickow:

    So here is the trade
    Let's get the Parker Brothers
    To replace Milton

  • In reply to DanNickow:

    I'm game if you are
    It's probably worth the Risk
    We won't be Sorry

  • In reply to DanNickow:

    Leave a comment...

  • In reply to DanNickow:

    oops, sorry about that......Nice!!! There's nothing else to say!!

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