Cubs In Haiku: Rockies 11, Cubs 5

Mature woman with finger in mouth, gagging

You want a haiku
After this awful ball game?
Then write it yourself.

And the twitterverse obliged.  Here are a few good ones from Twitter, posted during the game:

@plamorte: I'm way too upset / to even write about #Cubs / in haiku...ohh wait...

@MrFastbucks: Were this a movie / it would be rated R for / intense violence

@ggci:  I'd like to get paid / what the #Cubs players get paid / to forget this game.

@TweetsByDina: Turning game off now / I always try to hang in / but can take no more

@gswhite71: So, right about now / Joe Ricketts must be saying / $*&!@! What have I done?

But even Cubs fans have to tip their caps to Troy Tulowitzki, who went 5-for-5  hitting for the cycle.  Maybe it was my fault ...

First I tweeted:
Am I being bad / If I want Tulowitzki / To get a triple?  (so that we can see SOMETHING ... ANYTHING ... memorable tonight)

Then, moments later:
Well, ain't that something? / Tulowitzki gets cycle / Just what I wanted ... <sigh>

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