Cubs Fan Anger In Haiku: Kevin Gregg

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All the Gregg hatred
Made the #Cubs and Kevin Gregg
Both trending topics

Shortly after the end of Sunday's Cubs-Marlins game, two of the trending topics on Twitter were "#Cubs" and "Kevin Gregg".  Cubs fans were angry. Since I'm blogging about this, you know that several of the angry tweets were in haiku.

Here's a sampling ...

  1. Elena Dennis

    elenadennis Kevin really sucks/ If Lou plays him tomorrow/ I think I will cry

  2. Blake Jorgensen

    BlakeJorgensen It probably should/ because kevin gregg makes me/want to vomit bad

  3. Marshall Bock

    marshallbock I'll say it again / Kevin Gregg makes M. Bradley / Look like an all-star

  4. Stan Olson

    stanswx Gregg is a first name / but this should be his last game / in the #cubs bullpen

  5. Dina

    TweetsByDina When will Jim Hendry / realize that Kevin Gregg's / the Anti-Saver?

  6. Michael Ryan McBee

    mrmcbee Another blown save / why can't we put teams away / the #cubs bullpen stinks

  7. Marshall Bock

    marshallbock Can someone please beat / Gregg's face to a bloody pulp? / Hell, I'll volunteer 

  8. Gary Schneeberger

    gschneeberger He's our fireman? / Kevin Gregg's an arsonist / Call him Gasoline

But one haiku tweeter came to Gregg's defense this morning ...

  1. Pat Lamorte

    plamorte Why #Cubs fans so harsh? / To be fair Gregg blew last save / on June twenty-third

And, although this one isn't in haiku, I've got to mention what was perhaps the best (and most re-tweeted) anti-Gregg tweet, from my friends at


    cubscasthosts  Does Gregg qualify for the cash for clunkers program? 

Thanks to everyone for all the great Cubs haiku tweets.  Keep 'em coming on twitter (be sure to send them to @thecubsinhaiku so I don't miss them) or as a comment on this blog.

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