Obama In Haiku: Support The President, And Your Team


This is one Cubs fan
Who agrees with Obama
Gotta pick a team!

This isn't political ...

As David Kaplan reports on Kap's Corner, President Obama is taking some heat for wearing a White Sox jersey while throwing out the first pitch at the All-Star game. This is coming not only  from Cubs fans writing to Kaplan, but also from MLB officials.

Kaplan says the complaints are silly, and I agree.  It gets tiresome to hear "I'm just a Chicago fan" (or, worse, "I'm a fan of both teams") from people who either aren't sports fans at all or just want to feel free to join the bandwagon. When someone says they're a "Chicago fan" they should be honest enough to just say "I'm a fair weather fan."

What we saw in St. Louis was a real fan, excited to be on the field, and excited to let everyone know that he supports his team. He's the most powerful person in the free world, but was as excited as any of us would have been.  Look at the picture I chose for this post - I think Obama's more excited to be shaking hands with Stan Musial than vice versa. There was another picture (maybe you've seen it) of Obama hugging Albert Pujols.  That one upset me too much to post here, but it's still just a baseball fan excited to be meeting a future hall of famer. Did you see Obama shmoozing with the players in the club house before the game?... well ... you get the idea.  

MLB is wrong. Didn't the players on the field wear their team's uniforms? Didn't fans in the stands wear their team's colors? So why shouldn't the "First Fan" wear a Sox jacket? You don't support baseball by wearing generic "MLB" garb. You support baseball by supporting your team.

I wish he was a Cubs fan, but Obama made his choice. And while that might have been the wrong choice, you can't help but respect the passion.

Wouldn't you have done the same thing?

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