Cubs In Haiku: ESPN <3s Pujols

Minnesota Twins vs St. Louis Cardinals

They just love them some Pujols
He's great, I know, but ... 

On Baseball Tonight, a preview of tonight's game was basically more Pujols kissing. After the obligatory "greatest player ever" and reminding us that Joe Morgan is in the Hall of Fame (I think Morgan's contract requires that it be mentioned at least three times during each game he works) the analysis moves to how this one man is saving the mediocre Cardinals team.

The segment concluded with mention that the Cards have a "fairly comfortable lead in the Central" because the Cubs and Brewers haven't been playing well.

Fairly comfortable? Only one team has a lead smaller than the Cardinals. The Cubs are closer to first than any second place team except the Rangers.

When the Cubs win today's second game, they will be one game ahead of St. Louis in the loss column.  Even losing the last half of today's doubleheader, the Cubs are just one game behind the Cardinals in the loss column.

That doesn't sound like a comfortable lead to me. And now the game starts with Pujols kissing and Cubs bashing.

Fortunately (for me, at least) I got one of those SportSync radios for Fathers Day. So I can watch ESPN while listening to Pat & whoever on WGN without the usual cable-radio delay. It's not perfect (still a fraction of a second off in high def) but well worth it to avoid the worst group of announcers on televsion. I'll still have to watch the constant fawning over Pujols, as the cameras linger for a moment on the object of their affection - especially when he's coming to bat next inning. But I'll have Pat Hughes to keep me sane.

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