Cubs In Haiku: Cardinals 4, Cubs 2

Strange top of the ninth
Sean Marshall moved to left field
Then back to the mound 

Piniella's slick move
Stopped the Cards' threat, but could not
Get the Cubs to score

It was one of strangest things we've seen in a long time.

After replacing Angel Guzman and giving up a walk to load the bases in the top of the ninth, Sean Marshall was moved to left field, replacing Soriano. Lou brought in Aaron Heilman to pitch to Brendan Ryan, who struck out. Back comes Marshall. who strikes out the Cardinal's Hoffpauir. Then, Reed Johnson (who replaced Marshall in left) makes a catch (well, the umpire said it was a catch) to end the Cardinal threat.

Piniella had a good laugh in the dugout while Tony LaRussa tried to figure out what he was doing. But (as cubbiejulie from A League of Her Own put it on Twitter) "all Lou's genius for naught" as Bradley, Baker and Hoffpauir were all called out on strikes to end the game.

A disappointing loss, but a top half of the ninth that will give us something to talk about during the All-Star break.

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