"Almost" In Haiku: Milt Pappas

Milt Pappas.jpg

Mark Buehrle pitches
First Chicago perfect game
Since '72

After the excitement of today's historic game subsided (as a Cubs fan, my euphoria lasted just a couple of hours) I couldn't help but think of Milt Pappas.

Every Cubs fan will remember when Bruce Froemming robbed Milt of a perfect game on September 2, 1972. 

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  • Perfect is Perfect
    First perfect since '22
    Milt was not perfect.

    Many have come close
    Pappas was not good enough
    A ball is a ball

    Milt did throw no-no
    Milt's almost is just almost
    Mark's is a rare gem

  • Was not my intent
    To diminish Buehrle's gem
    Said so in haiku

    But it brought to mind
    The injustice that Froemming
    Meted out to Milt

    Pappas holds a grudge
    And so do many Cubs fans
    Won't get over it

    But kudos to Mark
    A Future Hall of Famer
    Makes Chicago proud

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