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Bad News In Haiku: DeRosa Traded

It’s terrible news  DeRosa’s a Cardinal I blame Jim Hendry Is Hendry saying The Cubs don’t have a pitcher We could have traded? The Cards get our favorite recently-former Cub for their “closer of the future” and a player to be named later.   Couldn’t Hendry find someone with similar numbers to make the fans happy... Read more »

White Sox in Haiku: White Sox 8, Cubs 7

Old man gets four hits Rookie wins it in the ninth Welcome to “The Show”

Cubs In Haiku: White Sox 8, Cubs 7

White Sox win walk off Cubs bullpen just can’t hold on To get to extras

Lou In Haiku: The Skipper Sends Bradley Home

> Lou has “had enough” With helmets , water coolers Getting hurt by Cubs Lou’s own words can be excerpted in haiku: “We exchanged some words” “I’m tired of watching those things” “Told him to … go home”

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 5, White Sox 4

An exciting start To Crosstown Classic Part Deux With lots of home runs

White Sox in Haiku: Cubs 5, White Sox 4

Thome comes alive But Sox fall one home run short Outside pitch ends game 

Bears In Haiku: The Schedule

Open at Green Bay Five on National TV Vikes on Monday Night

Crosstown Classic In Haiku: Red Line Haiku War

Post your comments here Become a soldier in the Red Line haiku war

Cubs In Haiku: I Prefer Pat and Ron

On TV today Harrelson will call the game Time for radio

Bears In Haiku: Defending Cutler