Lou In Haiku: The Skipper Sends Bradley Home

MLB: MAY 31 Dodgers at Cubs>

Lou has "had enough"
With helmets , water coolers
Getting hurt by Cubs

Lou's own words can be excerpted in haiku:

"We exchanged some words"
I'm tired of watching those things"
"Told him to ... go home"

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  • Way to go Lou!!! You should have told him to clear his locker too.

  • In reply to MLBfan:

    Regrettably, MLBfan, Lou has no plans to say anything of the sort. During the same post-game press conference from which I quoted Piniella, he said that Bradley would be in Saturday's line up.

  • Great to have you on the site, just in time for the Sox vs. Cubs and Lou vs. Milton.

  • In reply to bill80:

    Thanks, Bill. It was a bonus that we were able to launch in time for the Crosstown Classic. I'm grateful to Jimmy Greenfield and those other people (unknown to me) who helped make it happen.

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