Cubs In Haiku: White Sox 6, Cubs 0

The Cubs were so bad
The HD "Shot of the Game"
Was the nice weather

It couldn't have been a less inspiring performance from the Cubs on Sunday, and apparently the folks at WGN-TV knew it.

The "AM/PM Too Much Good Stuff" player of the game was Ryan Freel. I guess that on Sunday "too much good stuff" meant single, walk, hit-by-pitch, stolen base and game ending strike out.

And, as mentioned in the haiku, when it came time for the WGN-TV High Definition "Shot Of The Game" the camera panned up to the nearly cloudless skies, and Len (or was it Bob) waxed eloquent about the beautiful weather.

The only way this could have been worse is if it was the Cardinals and Mark DeRosa had just hit a walk off home run in the ninth.

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