Cubs In Haiku: Via Twitter

I hope Craig Kanalley over at Breaking Tweets Chicago doesn't mind me stealing some of his material, but here are a few great haiku tweets about the Crosstown Classic and the DeRosa trade.

From @TheUselessHaiku on DeRosa:

Let the Cubbies burn
Jim Hendry has sent us fans
Up a creek, no boat


Mark DeRosa has
Become a hated rival
My heart is broken  

From @Mr_Fastbucks on the end of Saturday's game:

Dramatic ending
Beckham bends it over Milt
White Sox draw first blood

I know Saturday was the second game of the series, but Fastbucks frequently tweets in  haiku during Cubs games so I'm giving him a break in light of his great Bend It Like Beckham reference.


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  • Not at all! Nice twist - great use of Twitter and excellent haikus.

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