Bad News In Haiku: DeRosa Traded

Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs

It's terrible news 
DeRosa's a Cardinal
I blame Jim Hendry

Is Hendry saying
The Cubs don't have a pitcher
We could have traded?

The Cards get our favorite recently-former Cub for their "closer of the future" and a player to be named later.   Couldn't Hendry find someone with similar numbers to make the fans happy and probably give the team a boost?

Earlier this month, Sheps @ Cubscast examined the Jim Hendry Scorecard.   This trade makes the cost of Hendry's mistakes much higher than it was yesterday. 

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  • At least the Cubs still have Milt. Memo to Milt: Stop predicting and just play. You went 1 for 5 after saying you would not be surprised if you had a good day at the plate on Saturday. Maybe you should see if Soto can get you some Marry Jane in order to chill out.

  • In reply to MLBfan:

    Dear Milton Bradley:
    Please do something - anything
    So I can like you

  • DeRosa trade sucked
    Now we have to deal with this?
    I'm going to puke

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