The Den Podcast

The Den Podcast

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Ep 10: Spring Training! Spring Training! Spring Training!

Ep 9: A Hiatus, PED rant, and Jared's Weekend Plans

Episode 8: Jared and Myles talk Heyward's New Groove, Tyson Ross, and a Mailbag. Plus hear Jared's kids sing Jingle Bells!

Episode 7: Myles and John talk about the reliever market, the Rule 5 draft, Jake Arrieta's extension talks and Fowler to the Red Birds.

Episode 6: Sam Fels joins Myles to talk about the new CBA and talk about what rules we would've liked to have seen changed. Myles also proposes some crucial would you rather questions. One includes Lady Gaga.

Episode 5: Myles and John talk about some offseason moves that they see happening. John shares some prospect knowledge. And you get to listen to clicking noises (sorry!).

Episode 4: Jared and Myles talked about our World Series experiences along with what we expect from the Cubs front-office this off-season.

Episode 3: Jared Wyllys and John join Myles to recap some of the Game 5 drama including Maddon's decision to let Aroldis Chapman bat along with our personal pet peeves.

Episode 2: Dan Travis and Sam Fels join Myles to talk World Series Game 1 and 2 along with Kyle Schwarber news.

Episode 1: John and Myles discuss the emotional side of getting to the World Series as a fan, starting Schwarber in game 1, World Series pitching rotation scenarios, and more.