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Let's Play Two (Finally)! - Nationals 10, Cubs 3

The Cubs and Nationals got underway at 7:25 CST after about an hour and a half rain delay. The rain was still coming down at the first pitch from Nationals starter Joe Ross, but the show must go on. After a groundout from leadoff man Daniel Murphy and a flyout from Javier Báez, Anthony Rizzo... Read more »

Champagne Sent Home Early--Cardinals 4 Cubs 2

Champagne Sent Home Early--Cardinals 4 Cubs 2
Jaime Garcia did not have a good night. His night was shorter than his explosive diarrhea aided performance in the NLDS last year. Dexter Fowler lead off the game with his twelfth home run on the year. Garcia retired the next three batters in order. The Cubs went back to work against Garcia in the... Read more »

Game 68 Preview--Cubs vs. Cardinals--7:05 PM

Two ships passing in the night. I have written informally about the Cubs on the internet for quite a while now. My earliest experiences were on the Cubs.com message board. Thankfully the database from that era has been lost in the ether for quite a while, but there are some things I have read there... Read more »